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My hasband have many medicine to take how he could have vacsine. Why not wait until a pandemic occurs?. do you considered wearing a face mask after vaccinated? Immunology cell mug Play GIF. No it’s not safe. No need to explain it is all lies. WHO’s want to control the world. killing humanity murderer. what’s the next agenda one world goverment.. How about children with g6pd defficiencies ,are they safe to take the vaccines?. Who was the first time in the Corona. What happen s to someone who is allergic to sulpher. The flu vac put me in intensive care, that is why I will not be having the covid vac.. Am not sure but I think it’s safe later. Poor humans are participating in a great global political, economic and social genetic experiment.. Simply cure is onion worm water…lets heal naturally not biologically. Stay at home need. So WHO is BEHIND THIS THINGS SEF?

Immunology cell mug

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Joanne HarrisNO! NOT in this together! I’ve never been on board with this stupidity. I’m not wearing a mask, not living in fear, not having anyone tell me what to do!95 . Katherine Couto EvansThis is so true and you can go back to work wearing a mask a lot of people do 21 . David N Alicia CoombsIt’s strange that a “health organization” doesn’t promote building a healthy immune system. If so, they wouldn’t be recommending continual mask wearing. Little pockets of bacteria collectors. No thanks. Healthy eating, whole foods, vitamins, exercis… See more5 . Erlinda Peekneighbors smoking marijuana police cannot help us this are adult from camp fire smoling every might in the complex I cannot sleep got headache severe headche every night in chico ca back safeway complex every 4 hrs 16 . Luc DewitteStart to give poor people water and soap and mask and a good job and salary were u waiting for WHO but they don’t care24  Immunology cell mug

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