In realtà è sig.ra dott tazza


Top fanSalar NooriGet well soon El Matador…You are missed on the field.12 . Matt ChristieNo rush, martial got you covered 64 . Top fanRichard CharlesIt’s a joke to see Man Utd dependant on a 34yr old striker for goals. Meanwhile man city played about 4 consecutive games without a natural striker and won all while Aguero and Jesus could only watch from the bench. At this rate, the future of Man Utd … See more3 . Top fanJane FrancisOh we need you! We need you wisdom and experience! Maestro!!2 . Dan LakeGood point today Cavani may have gobbled up a few of Mendy’s spills today. 2 . Kay SmithHope we’ll perform well in our next match with a win.5 . Christian JayMan-utd really missed #Edi Cavani Against that #Chelshit of a team1 . Top fanBello FarukI personally missed you upfront today,but soon you’ll be back……Fred thank you very much despite the yellow card you played well…. . Keiran DavisWe need him back proper striker 2  In realtà è sig.ra dott tazza

In realtà è sig.ra dott tazza

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Brian WillYour focus had better already, solely, firmly be on beating Palace this Wed Manchester UnitedRemember to respect Palace at all times this Wed; “respect” certainly doesn’t mean you being respectful, awestruck, compassionate to them; it mean you at all … See more . Cyson KBGo get that pair of Keane and son from Tottenham we take a trophy for once.2 . Rogue ElderI don’t know about other clubs’ pages but surely this one must have the most angry clowns around. Maybe the board should have recruited a manager from the FB followers. Pretty sure they’d have saved a good penny while at it.17 . Hamidreza KhabbazanCan the admin here do something about all these negative fans. This group is meant to SUPPORT united ffs33 . Top fanStephen BiggerWhat key moments? sooner fans are back in stadiums the better. Maybe then we won’t settle for a point.7 . East Of MancuniaHere’s all the highlights you need to know. 6  In realtà è sig.ra dott tazza

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