It’s Miss Ms. Mrs. Dr. actually mug


Reuben BoipaiWhy not many takers for Covaxin in foreign markets.7 . Dhlamini TankisoWhat about the transportation to arrive in RSA and will they cost or be free to take ? 4 . Francis AssisiCovid-19 It’s never going to go away get use to it people,9 . MangaRam SharmaTAKE CARE OF CORONAVIRUS CAREFULLY, FOLLOW THE NECESSARY INSTRUCTIONS & PRECAUTIONS INEVITABLY, SAFETY SAVES, VACCINATIONS AGAINST CORONAVIRUS IS INEVITABLE, THANKS7 . Jabran AliPlease help to Pakistan health care and provide a vaccines.5 . Elias KefetawBut do you manage to deliver these vaccines at least for emergency uses in poor countries?6 . Sushila DeviNice going progress Covid_19Hard to protect… See more7 . Shashi ChandrikaIndia is busy re-writing her history but many have lost interest in studies…lazy peeks..4 . Sue LovellWhat emergency?5 . Pascale Najwhy for emergency use what that means3 . Hasu PatelDevil is in your MIND…You better Mask yourself or Regret to be Casketed…If you like it Crown it as there is No Devil on this Earth except in SICK MIND…..14  It’s Miss Ms. Mrs. Dr. actually mug

It’s Miss Ms. Mrs. Dr. actually mug

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Annelies HarnieA lot of countries are putting these vaccines on hold because there are so many side-effects. But yeah keep on promoting anyways. Please be realistic and open about it.21 . எல்லாப் புகழும் இறைவனுக்கேWhy peoples want to work as slaves! please release the land for every families size as same for everyone people live independently no need money for buy food their food get from their land in free food water Air why need money why people start to work … See more1 . Robert KingI read three or four articles the last few days, that hundreds of doctors and medical staff in various hospitals refused to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca instead of Biontech/Pfizer or Moderna. 19 . Fabiana De Quadros BaptistaMore vaccines ? How many vaccines are we going to take in a year?20 . Beatrice BeatrisI pray the vaccines get to everyone globally.23 . Diane BinnsSorry but after last weeks white wash in China I dont believe a word of your drivel respect has gone 16  It’s Miss Ms. Mrs. Dr. actually mug

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