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Rhonda MelettaI pictured this entire scene as I was reading and it gave me all the feels. God Bless Them! What a memory to have for them both. PShow was the teacher’s shoes OK, when it says “dark” colored shoes and yet his own were not aloud?? (They don’t look dark in the picture to me) just asking1 . Marion WilsonIt is good to see there are good teachers in the world.heart warming. It definitely doesn’t ecist everywhere some are extremely petty.  . Love Mrdove DoveBut there was a dress code and why didn’t the kid follow that dress code? Moral is a simple thing and not all privilege should be granted. That’s how they grow up with too much privilege and cause trouble to the society with the mindset that they will be defended. Tumb up for the teacher10 . Moses BabaI commend Twitter for deleting General Muhammadu Buhari’s tweet threatening Civil War 2 on the Southeast of Nigeria. That was a most irresponsible tweet, and Nigerians are indeed grateful to Jack Dorsey for talking that action. But please do not stop there. Delete his account. He is a menace to the world. If you can delete Donald Trump’s account on the grounds that you suspected him of instigating the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol, then why still allow Buhari’s account to remain live on Twitter after he threatened to repeat a war that killed at lesst 1 million Biafrans, especially children and infants? Bandits abduct 330 schoolchildren. He did not threaten war.Boko Haram wipe out 1000 soldiers and occupy Nigerian territory. He did not threaten war.Herdsmen kill over 3000 Nigerians. He did not threaten war.Miyetti Allah say that ‘Nigeria belongs to the Fulani’. He did not threaten war.347 Shiite men, women, children and infants killed in Zaria. He did not threaten war.Yet he brings up the Nigerian Civil War to intimidate the Southeast?Go and research this: No nation fights two civil wars and remains as one nation.Buhari was among Nigerian soldiers that killed over 5million of Biafra’s including pregnant women and children.. And he is threatening to commit the same Genocide again… Let the International community hear this and come to our aid ..Biafran people in Nigeria must be free….6  I’ve reached that age where my brain when from mug

I’ve reached that age where my brain when from mug

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Ayanda Never judge a book by its cover, I had always talked rubbish about the spiritual healers because i was living a luxurious life with my husband and kids. I never believed that anyone can solve someone’s problems. I could rudely reply to the posts about the healers with insults little did I know that one day they will help me. It started when a strange disease attacked one of my kid for almost eight months. I visited all the hospitals in South Africa but the doctors couldn’t see the disease. I went to pastors, Sheiks, Sisters, and priests but couldn’t see any change. I sold all of my properties and lost my business because I was charged lots of money. I went back to Zero. My husband was used to a luxurious life since he was coming from a rich family. He started losing interest in me, disrespected me, insulted me in our kids’ presence, all my in-laws hate me. I had no shoulder to cry on. I was left with no hope. The most heartbreaking part is when my husband started cheating on me with one of the member of Parliament which I won’t mention her name. I got depressed and tried to commit suicide until when my friend asked me to contact baba ALI KARIM. I had lost hope and besides didn’t trust healers. I called them scammers. My friend used his cellphone and called him. He gave him a date to go to his office and on that date, my friend picked me very early in the morning and took me there. I explained everything to him. He asked us to go back and bring the sick kid and we did so. He cast his spells and after a few hours, my son was healed. After 24 hours my husband came back home and apologized to me. He gave me a ring for my business and as I speak now am not complaining. I got back everything. He is Incredible.+27 794 333 471  I’ve reached that age where my brain when from mug

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