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How can you even trust WHO when they are the cooperate in spreading this infection Jack Daniel’s Logo Wood tumbler You will never know what switch you going to turn on with this rubbish .. How to trust the product if even the manufacturer does not take any responsibility for the side effects? We do not have any safety studies or officially published ingredients. This kind of science is the one I don’t trust, I can’t trust!. health organization is no longer believed in any country, people understood when this organization is not acting in the interests of the people.. Don’t take it, that’s all I need to know. Trust your gut! Do the research. Who and why are people rolling out these tests and vaccines so quickly? Is there a profit to be made? Is culling of the vulnerable and unemployed population a reason to target welfare recipients? Are the forces behind … See more

Jack Daniel’s Logo Wood tumbler

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We can’t thank you enough, WHO, for all you’ve been doing tirelessly to combat this pandemic. Thank you for keeping us informed. Most of all, thank you for helping those countries that are vulnerable and don’t have the wealth and power that other count… See more. Thank you WHo for doing tireless work to combat this pandemic and information let us to follow as we are in the country that is under developh but we try as much as possible to follow ministry instruction wearing of mask and washin… See more. How much do you pay each National government for holding on lockdowns and waging wars against their own people? How much do you earn by keeping that propaganda?. I call of yiu to take all cautious measures and get vaccinated to end this boring story. We’re fed up..to hear this f***. Ya Nice tips of Dr Maria, we must obey it for our safety & also others Jack Daniel’s Logo Wood tumbler

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