Jesus hug lovely dachshund poster


She needs to go.. Really now? You know what the “accurate” perspective is of course and she doesn’t… And who is it dividing who were previously united?. Lunga Banna apparently the school knows as well.. Lunga Banna Jesus hug lovely dachshund poster Pause GIF. Lunga Banna – Go home Karen, you’re drunk.. Where did you get your PhD in history or sociology? Please post a link to the extensive research you have done on this subject.. Forbes Black WSJ.COM Opinion | The ‘1619 Project’ Gets Schooled. Forbes Black – I have my education in history, sociology, theology and mixology. So shut-up with you fake “Forbes Black” name and go home. You’re drunk Karen, home.. MartiniPros How do you know she’s wrong? Where is your degree from?. Knows what?. Now you know how most of the country views Trump. MartiniPros guessing you are white. Bridgid Miller Kozik – Guessing your a racist. MartiniPros could you enlighten me?. Ronald Session – Nope. Go home you Pharisee. Jesus Christ couldn’t enlighten you.

Jesus hug lovely dachshund poster

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Michael HadleyI hope he is held accountable for any and all resulting COVID-19 deaths and serious illnesses. Why do Republicans fight so hard for their constituents to be free to die?8 . Bobbi BrandtSo many on here either never quite understood or forgot how the mask thing works…. I would rather believe this than think so many people are okay with killing vulnerable people so they don’t have to deal with the equivalent of a sock on their face. … See More6 . Des D TaylorElection time is coming?14 . Masi Leiataua LeotaWow! Why are they so against a piece of cloth strictly designed to protect you5 . Tracy MaeIs the Texas Governor’s mansion open for maskless tours??10 . Jacob NewcombThis guy is a punk13 . Clarissa FloodOk here is the thing “ Ole Hot Wheels” is out for votes only. My thing is of you feel you prefer your child to wear a mask then so be it . Case closed problem solved . Let the ones that go maskless to deal with whatever consequences. Parents should us… See More3  Jesus hug lovely dachshund poster

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