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Christian Cardinal Incarnate TumeNo relationship, no talking stage, no entalglement. Some of us are just roaming around, nobody like us, we no like anybody. We just dey eat Suya1 . Precious IloanyaCNN anchor Chris Cuomo engaged in “inappropriate” conversations with the staff of his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, the cable network says. . Courtney CroonIf you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing.. 9 . Shawn LehnerWhat do you call interviewing your brother as a “journalist” while claiming an unbias position? Better yet, getting called out for having secret conversations with your brother to strategize his response to a sandal for the best reception from the press? Do we have a cute name for that too?17 . Larry MaisonnadeWhat’s that on Fredo’s upper lip…has he been visiting Don Lemon again? . Michael PetrinoChris Cuomo has lied for his brother. He has no credibility.1 . Richard Cline“Fake news”, “alternative facts” and now “fraudit”.3 . Trump Cancellation ProjectTrump and his cronies have raised a lot of $$$ from the fraudit. It always was a scam. 18  Jesus hug lovely Rottweiler poster

Jesus hug lovely Rottweiler poster

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Since when is it the responsibility of congress to investigate civilians? Anyone else see the building of a dictatorship?. CNN keeps calling this an insurrection, yet after four months nobody has been charged with sedition or treason, and the only person murdered was Ashli Babbitt.. Gops are hanging their fate on a man who is about to go to jail.. Hopefully they discover why and unarmed female was shot at close range when surround bu police with weapons. Sounds like systemic racism. Sarah Hallars of course it’s not good for the retrumplicans they looked the other way and still trying to down play what happened on the 6th of January. CNN is a disgusting propaganda machine that is bought and paid for!. Ok I am going to stop watching US news until the next election while the two parties can continue their arguments as to who’s the lesser evil amongst the two parties but all this outrage from both sides of the aisle being echoed by the two news channel is just sickening since both sides look the other way when bad things happen when it suits their needs!! Jesus hug lovely Rottweiler poster

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