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Since Christiano Ronaldo is leading the Goal scoring chart, then why are they making use of Lionel Messi picture here? Jesus with lovely horse poster I don’t get it . meanwhile penaldo. Look at the opposition. Just watch the match. Those South Americans would die for their Country. Imagine Messi playing for Spain against Latvia, Färöer, Luxembourg, Malta, Andorra, San Marino. He would sit on 130+ Goals right now.. Our zambian legend Godfrey chitalu had 105 international goals but he doesn’t appear on the list what could the reason why ???!. Messi having a better goal ratio.. doesn’t play against mighty lithuania. The best player ever. If that Ali is still active then he will score a hat trick in his next match so Messi don’t get closer to him. Some people say it’s easy to score in Europe. 1.But why do we have more south America players in the highest international goal scorers and only one European player?? 2. Why do we have a young player such as Neymar with 67 goals and yet, Messi has only 73?? In the same continental games?? 3. Check the last four winners of the world cup in the last 18 years. They are all European teams… 4. If it was easy to score, why hasn’t lewadoski and other European strikers scored close to 70 goals?? People will always talk nonsense

Jesus with lovely horse poster

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Pedri. Sweden had 3 easy chances to score & wasted it. If only Isak had help up front they could’ve won this game. Their GK was superb & saved sure goals. Can’t see Spain moving on with no creation in midfield & no one to lead them. Morata, as usual wasting easy chances & not the go to man for them ….imagine having 84% possession & almost 900 ‘Tiki Taka’ passes & not even scoring. Czech & Poland will move on from the group!. Ogiesoba Dante. Worst Spanish line up I have ever set my eyes on.. Same old Boring Spain,11 or more years of Tiki Taka without Plan B. They said in 2010 “Barcelona” won World cup not Spain…now that there’s Zero Real Madrid players in the squad ….let Barca continue shining . I don’t know how Spain manage to qualify for this tournament so pathetic team. Me looking at my Betting ticket like Jesus with lovely horse poster

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