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Josh CorriganWe didn’t create anything, nothing. We ‘defended’ well because lindelof and maguire are so protected, David Attenborough might as well do a documentary on them donkeys. De Gea is reason why we didn’t lose. Magalof and mcfred are reason why we didn’t wi… See more . Carrick AlphaIt’s still wondering me why ole always sub greenwood off even if he’s playing better than rashford, martial, James3 . Top fanZesco KingManchester Utd so inconsistent. Every time I tune in to watch the game disaster. I will just stop watching… . Giorgos Tsolakistwo weeks ago we scored 4 goals when played against R.Sociedal and this the second game in a row we do not score in my opinion this can not be rationally explained  . Rachel Turnerwe played well, but we do need to improve our form against the big six teams . Victor TanAll along man u attacking formation was rubbish except we were lucky to some chelsea looked dangerous when their coming at wif their attacking formation ole u understand wat im taking abt n dun just select the line give each player r they redi for the … See more  Labvengers Labrador Avengers Marvel

Labvengers Labrador Avengers Marvel shirt, sweatshirt and v-neck

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Again 2 points dropped… Labvengers Labrador Avengers Marvel Simply not good enough.. So pleased I missed 87 minutes of this game on TV. Dire. No ambition. Heard Lou Macari on Irish radio this afternoon. He expended more energy in the interview than team did on the pitch!!. Both teams sucked. I was totally disappointed with our teams performance tonight. Also, get the ref a walking cane. That MF is blinder than those three rodents… Clearly a handball! . Clearly, Ole was just playing for a draw. He was smiling ear to ear at the end. How many chances did we create in the game? This is nothing new, Mou also got us top 2 years ago but with a huge 20 points gap with the league leaders then…..Looks very m… See more. The 6-1 loss against Spurs is probably still playing on the psyche of Ole and his team. Since that match, they seem to approach every top-6 match with excessive caution out of the fear of succumbing to an embarrassing defeat.

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