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Mambacita all over printed hoodie

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I’ve heard no mention as to whether the FBI has questioned the cop passing by the suspect in the Capitol Police cruiser, or if the perp’s arm movements could be some sort of acknowledgement of the cop.. This person appears to wave at the police SUV at the end of the video.. With all the cell information that you have from the 6th, can you possibly triangulate any of them to those coordinates on the dates and times you have in your surveillance? I don’t know if that is possible.. He was walking different on the earlier two videos. Either like he walking on tiptoe or like he had on tRump Lifts. I actually for a moment thought it was a female.. I believe this person seemed to know where the cameras were? They seem to look at the location of the camera when they pass by. I also notice that they seem to have their masks on, hiding their identities! Mambacita all over printed hoodie

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