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Oh What a thrilling race!!! Heartiest Congratulations, Checo!!! Really happy for your first win at Redbull in such an enthralling race to the finish!!! Well done,my boy!!! Keep it up!!! Also Hearty Congratulations for Sebastian Vettel for a strong drive and a podium after a long time for Seb to come P2 and great drive from Pierre Gasly to pick up a podium for Alpha Tauri in P3!!! Vamos Checo!!!. Quentin Clavaud. Such images show the kind of respect Vettel has from his peers. The man is one of the most likable drivers on the grid. It’s shocking to see the kind of hate he gets from some pundits and fans!. Nice from both drivers, Vettel deserves the praise today!. Mark Thompson. How wonderful it is to see Vettel up there again! Congratulations. Great to see Seb fighting at the top of the pack again! Hopefully many more podiums to him! Man Jesus cross piece poster

Man Jesus cross piece poster

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When Lewis takes first place after the restart and fumbles it Man Jesus cross piece poster Pause GIF. The bulls have a fighting chance in the constructors championship this year! Well done to Seb on his podium, lewis hamilton HAHA!!. Congratulations to Hamilton for going off track couldn’t deserve it more. . Tasneem Ahmed Shuvo so happy hamilton not up there in the podium cz that’s makes the race more intersting…congratulations. If at all by any chance someone at redbull wins the championship, I hope perez gets it… Jose Orion. I’m happy for Checo, but still sad for Max. He should have added another 10 points to the gap with LH44 today. Given the circumstances, I’m glad that there was ultimately no change at the top of the drivers championship. I’m really enjoying this season so far.. Mackenzie Green. Bottas should be moved aside or mercedes is going to lose the constructors title.. So good to see the table being mixed up and others winning, however I’m not a big Lewis fan but he is a phenomenal driver and will fight hard all season…

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