‘Merica fuck yeah shirt, sweatshirt and long sleeve tee


don t take advice from two old hags telling us vaccines are all good……count me out. I wonder why nowaday almost everyday post from WHO appear on my feed. I believe mark z is the real culprit here. Yeah².. i know, fb is yours, mark.. so you do really using big data thing for WHO’s purpose, right?. ‘Merica fuck yeah Ok. A clarification. To WHO. How does one go about making sure one isn’t overdosed? Do they do an antibody test first? . They don’t. They look beyond that and only towards their political agenda. . That’s easy: how much money are they willing to give?. There is no corona, so stop asking the question. Also statistically, if you look at any other post, reactions by people are widely diverse.. By bringing it to africa. Are we watching same video?. What if WHO is the bunch of thugs?. My mum told me that information from the source is different from that being spread

‘Merica fuck yeah shirt, sweatshirt and long sleeve tee

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Brendan WesslingLeicester surely don’t bottle Champions League this season. West Ham will finish in Europa3 . Cosmos OkpigheSo none of the top 4 won their game this weekend except The Champions 2021.10 . Frank OrourkeI see Liverpool got a W at last2 . Ekene Ozegbe1. city 2. united 3. liverpool 4. blues 5. hammers 6. leicester15 . Salehuddin AdamWith the quality of the referee and VAR, there is no doubt that Man City will be the champion in March. So many dubious decisions are in favour of City. Well done and good job to the match officials. They are the one who ruined the game. No wonder some… See more157 . Stevie GravesWhat looked like a great season as gone with the wind. Now it’s a battle for second if any team is interested!!! . Henry MartinezForget how it will look. It’s a given that City will win the title. But the real shocker is West Ham in the top 4 and for the past few years it was fighting relegation. Try to think for a second about the net worth of all the players in West Ham compar… See more2  ‘Merica fuck yeah

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