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How I wish all God’s people worldwide may know that is our only Heavenly God-given nerve centre/centre stage/controller of our lives and all lives. Unless the Lord builds a house(His people); the builder’s work is useless. Unless the Lord protects His … See more. Be careful and wear a good #mask… My five moods mug Play GIF. Don’t base your choice on vaccinating just on your hatred for Governments.. Apsaraji WHO ANNOUNCED daily news REMOVED COVID_19 virus DISEASE all of us WELCOME to the WORLD CITIZENS SAFETY OURS health care and children SAFETY OURS MASKS SAFETY OURS body. 3 keywords – unsafe – toxic – reactive …. What I am unable to find out is, what does ‘90% efficacy‘ actually mean? Does it mean 1 in ten people won’t be protected? Or does it mean you are 90%less likely to catch covid?. Some people have nothing in their life so invent conspiracy theories sad sad people

My five moods mug

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You gonna finish us for our safety, therefore people we must know that ,there is our creator .The one who made us to be in this world, can’t we remember all these have been said to happen. What I say is to back on God cause is our father he could not a… See more. WHO looks like a very private club providing free entertainment for a select minority, and doing nothing for us, who pay the ticket. So disappointing that just in the middle of a pandemic this world organization shows that the world is just in a few h… See more. Knowing that air conditioning creates bigger surfaces for covid19 because of cool particles suspended in the air & closed windows with no natural ventilation. Death trap high viral load sounds like hospitals can’t do simple infection control. Go figure. The long-term implications of an mRNA is what concerns me – this is all experimental hence the need for government to issue liability waivers on their big pharma mates untested (long-term) products My five moods mug

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