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A pity he wasn’t that aware with giroud’s chance , can’t have a 90% centre back and win the league and we’ve got one. Lindelof was always gonna beat the German Heskey . Inconsistency from VAR really handball. This club’s doomed. Keep hyping that mugu, Bailly’s the best center back.. United will not win anything under Ole.. Another decision the ref got wrong. Great defending but as clear a corner you’ll ever see.. I would just like to say, well done Ole on the post match interview! Absolutely spot on about Klopp, Lampard and others trying to influence referees! Also well done in not saying what Atwell said to Maguire about the decision making the sky reporter do… See more. He should teach Maguire to be more agressive as a CB.. Furkan Uddin. Ole out. Thanks ole now 12 point in front .glory glory blue devil. Gabriel C. Dumbu Native American pride flag Like  · Reply · 4 h

Native American pride flag

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Stupid change! Greenwood is better than James! OGS is not a baby face assassin! He don’t know how to set his players always gets dominated. todays results blame it on the attackers…. and don’t even try to blame the defenders….. Is that the one which went out for a corner but they didn’t get it?! . Anyone saying this was a poor performance needs their eyes checked or they only read the scoreline. Thats the first time ive seen us actually push a team back into their own half for minutes on end and apply good pressure. Yeah chelsea did the same for… See more. VAR is a scam it denies Brighton a clear goal and saves Chelsea from an obvious penalty. Nabil Irsyad Pk. Santababahadur Ghale. Manchester can win every game only the way is, if they sell Rashford and Martial. And Bring another good two strike.. The only thing man united use to celebrate nowadays is photo of the match Native American pride flag

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