Norwegian house rules poster


This is Mercedes track .. it will end like what LH wishes. Norwegian house rules poster the question remains about Bott.. Samuel Isaac Naser Elmusrati If by “Mercedes track” you mean “top speed track” then you clearly haven’t watched Baku 2021. Naser Elmusrati off turn 1?. Ree Ryy. future world champion . Single lap pace is great. Needs to work on race pace.. This guy always pushing to hard. I love how he pilots.. Charles is the best!. One of the reasons Ferrari moved him into a main seat so quickly, guy can extract maximum out of a car that isn’t the quickest!. Q3 in an Alfa Romeo. Or was it Sauber back then? Anyways, this showed his potential.. the WC of Q in the race he sleep . Ayush Dwivedi. Strong . Chris Chalkley Q3 in an Alfa very impressive!. Jojo Bee Charles having the drink at the near-end of the video. Now we know why Kimi moved to Alfa Romeo!

Norwegian house rules poster

Norwegian house rules poster - Picture 1

I remember seeing this. I was in the grandstands at the turn named “Sainte-Baume” and it was heartbreaking to see Ocon and Gasly both out on that first lap of my first Grand Prix IRL. Norwegian house rules poster But still, it was a great experience and I would love to do it again . All these many variations they could do with this track yet they choose the most boring layout year after year . Adrian Fielder I can see track limits being a thing again this weekend! Which ever bit the [email protected]£king track actually is . Man Vettel could have easily won the 2018 championship ,he just made so many mistakes and lost good points.. Probably about the most exciting part of that race! . This track is utter nonsense. Have fun for yet another episode of track limits discussion 2021, but this time prepare for the XXL edition.. Probably this track is even worse than Sochi and Abu Dhabi.

Norwegian house rules poster

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