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Scott MurdochPierre Gasly is a fantastic driver8 . Lee BentleyGood race Pierre great drive holding LH behind you . Top FanEllen Van Nikkelen KuijperHe has grown so much. Well done! . Peter SunilWell. done Pierre. Awesome stuff, especially the late breaking and denying Leclerc for the podium.  . 林炬彣congrats to Pierre Gasly! Fantastic move! . Jonathan JosephHe deserves a top seat maybe a Merc drive? . Shamir Tira ZaraWell done Gasly, absolutely great move on Leclercs.. . Muhammad AlifYou deserved it!! If you were in frst pole I bet you gonna defend well for your race pace.. . Nurson De WindLeclerc needs a podium next. Too bad Ferrari seemingly isn’t built for the Sunday’s?2 . Bryan FalconYeah get in there Pierre!!  . Kelvin WanImagine he driving a faster car . Jesus Ram StikCongartulations to Pierre Gasly for these P3 . Renzan FortineriPierre is Pierre’s number 1 Fan XD . Benedict MothudiWell done Pierre Gasly, well done  . Kisho MohamedPleaseI want to be driver racing  One nation under god hawaiian shirt

One nation under god hawaiian shirt

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Hari HamulicFerrari is really bad car is to slow Drivers are making to many mistakes Team is making bad decisions all the time. … See More8 . Abebe YuniguavayLOL Mercedes Masterclass. Shamilton is totally crumbling under pressure.40 . Jerrico Punzalan OcampoThis is a good netflix episode!!34 . Nicolas CarletonTough day for a lot of drivers. Great job by Verstapen to keep that car under control. Losing a tire at those speeds, it could have been far worse.7 . Vickna AnandarajahBaku is a crazy track. You can both overtake and crash on on this track. Interesting race.13 . Marcelo Javier Juma EspinosaAwesome race today! Great seeing three new drivers on the post for this year. 12 . Cristian Arone Fantastic fantastic race Yesssss brillant wins Sergio Pérez in Bakú28 . Hy LaiWe need more GP races like just we have in BAKU today!28 . Gaurab PatnaikWas expecting Last 2 laps to be Dramatic. But not to this extent. more excitement than I could handle lol.Cool as a cucumber, Checo is the king of Baku.Shoutout to the editor for narrowing down from 2.5hrs to 7 mins highlights.14  One nation under god hawaiian shirt

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