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Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco LMFAO. I’m not liking this comment for a second time…. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Do i know you??. Alexandru Dutu. Abhilash Lp Peace love Trump Pause GIF. Cope. P14 MAZEPIN P15 HAMILTON, we have a new GOAT now. Antonino youre predictions are a mess mate. 3 genuine people won the race. One who had no seat at one poin6of time, 2nd who had one the worst season in his career in 2020 and 3rd who had to prove his worth to the Redbull.. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Good old Alonso…. Good jajajajajajaja. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Mikkel E. Nielsen. Simon Carrison. Martin Nekeman Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Pause GIF. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Pause GIF. Antonino “dawnsson” Sammarco Where’s Max?. Haha. You guys call yourself F1 fans ? Go watch some soccer! Your personalities match that better . Seb P2! YES! Brilliant drive from Seb . Really hope his haters enjoyed his performance. Extremely happy and proud of him. And completely deserves to be the driver of the day!

Peace love Trump shirt, long sleeve tee and hoodie

Peace love Trump hoodie

Stefan ReuterA typical baku race. Almost no overtakes (without DRS) but a lot of crashes. And i am not a Hamilton and a Verstappen fan.3 . Top FanJA MatamorosWhat a difference it makes when you have a great team backing you up unlike last season for Sergio Perez. 17 . Iván José GómezCheco in #1 and MazeSpin above Hamilton!.. it cannot be better than this! 35 . Krishna KarwaThe sport needs new winners. A much-needed reality check for Mercedes and Hamilton. Hope other teams continue to up the ante. 5 . Top FanErwin RoossienHappy for Checo, well deserved. Gutted for Max and Hamilton but it’s going to be a nice fight coming races between them.3 . Ramón C. GarridoWhat a great race since the beginning. Hamilton couldn’t pass you.And the best is still coming yet.this will be your year now with red bull.Congratulations.3 . Talitha-Lucretia LopesSo much hate on this page.Quite sad actually considering its coming from “adults”4  Peace love Trump

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