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When Pogba decides to play for the badge he becomes extraordinary. His passings, marking and attacks were excellent. He contributed in the first goal, created the penalty for the second. Lets appreciate Pogba for once, he is our MOTM. That feeling is b… See more. He was cracking against wolves as well. If he can stay fit and on form, it could be pivotal.. Easily MOTM. He’s been the main difference lately. Whats even better is he’s brought out the best in Maguire too. Very capable of being the next Vida and Rio. John Murkin Pineapple Skull black hawaiian shirt So many great performances Eric was immense, but I have to say I don’t remember Pogba put so much into a game as he did today he was everywhere. We might just have enough in the CB position to see us through this season. We should however, consider right-back this window though. AWB surely needs competition there. Shaw on the other side having to constantly look over his shoulder has made him b… See more

Pineapple Skull black hawaiian shirt

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Go for Grealish . Brilliant performance keep it going . Horlly D Classic Man Pineapple Skull black hawaiian shirt Pogba showed us he’s a world class today, I’ll love him to keep the fire . It he first time i really appreciate they way you played but there still way of improving like score more goal instead of missing some. Harry Frank. Like you said when he decides to play that is a? Why doesn’t he decide to play always best for man united why only sometimes?????. If pogba is ready to go to juventus please sell him n use the money to buy grealish please. We really need that guy.. Pogba has smelled blood. His won many titles and world cup so he knows it’s not to raise the level. The whole team is responding. Scott today was the only odd man out.. Best game in ages on fire.. In his day there was a demon in the middle of the field

Pineapple Skull black hawaiian shirt

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