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Frankie Lynn. He made 1 save that he should be making anyway for a keeper of his class for me Dan James was Man of the Match he didn’t stop running and looked a threat everytime he went forward. We need to be honest with our selves Ole will definitely screw this up again nd we won’t win a cup of tea this season,it May turn out to be another disappointing season once more. I don’t know if I agree. I also don’t know who else I pick instead. Game was . How can I explain this to my grandchildren that this was not a penalty? . Was rashford doing his impression of martial because he looked like he didn’t want to be on that pitch.my m.o.t.m.was young James never stopped working for the team.. Really needs to work on his distribution another pass straight to the opposition today, happening all to often, needs to get it sorted sooner rather than later Porkrub pornhub logo

Porkrub pornhub logo shirt, hoodie and long sleeve tee

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Fred was the man of the match he played his heart out today….good game David though. Alan Dunne Porkrub pornhub logo He made some good saves coz he had to his captain trying to be a defender again he bleeding useless that maguire always out of position United we’re poor all over the park when ya can’t pass the ball something seriously wrong then that lazy number 9 we… See more. Indeed in today’s match #DeGea deserved being man of the match. He really saved . Lots of saves. Eileen Horner Sorry don’t agree, almost cost us a goal with a poor clearance. James, Shaw and Fred. Anyone of these players much more productive. Even Ole mentioned James as phenomenal.. KT Moloto He’s big, he’s brave, he’s Spanish Dave…He makes great saves, he never shaves…He’s flying through the air…Come and have a shot if you dare. Richard Charles. Zeeko Oj. Please why could Ole not see all the blunders made by Rashford? Even when he wanted to make substitutes, I was hoping he would sub off Rashford, but he kept him there for 90minutes when it was obvious that he was just walking about the field.

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