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This AFA – Selección Argentina side, can’t win anything! This is the third match in a row they’re bottling a lead. Their defense plays like amateur footballers, very porous midfield. Scaloni’s selection is disappointing, subs late. I don’t see them as favorite, I hope they improve. It is what it is. Chile is held draw by Argentina seems like Messi’s journey will end in tears as usual. We know that the King of Eibar will bottle it again . Joel Ta Rooster 3D Printed Unisex Shirts This was the 72745859392838 draw between Chile & Arg. Some fools will come here and say is his fault. The greatest footballer of all time is Leo . Who will I blame for Argentina’s International doom ? Certainly not Leo who assists , dribbles and scores . Should have been (2:1 ) 87 minutes like always , His ( Messi ) loop was wasted . Can’t defend the lead they already have be it

Rooster 3D Printed Unisex Shirts and Hoodies

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Very bad decision from VAR and refree that was not penalty. Messi played little to help Argentina.. always walking on the pitch.. Chile are the team to watch in this tournament.. they put some incredible passes together.. Vargas n Medel hv been fantastic… Argentina needs a quality coach to get the best out of the players. Quality players in the team but no team work. Watching international matches are like watching movie on radio…. Messi’s teammates letting him down again. . We all know,, with all 22 player in Argentina squad … meanwhile lecceman. Bottling company of Argentina . Chile played very well..the coach should have introduced D-M earlier. The match was quite tough, Argentina had more chances on goal though.. Luie Flo. Argentina will and always draw against this Chile. That’s Miss Messi. 100 minutes played, one single goal. The referee almost gave third half. No problem though, out of five countries in the group, four will qualify for next round. It should be easy Rooster 3D Printed Unisex Shirts

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