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They just can’t get rid of him . The new guy does not believe in a separate state.. Coalition government does not last soon the various opposition party that formed the government will fight among themselves over the largess, so for me Netanyahu will be back sooner than we expect.. Israel deputy prime minister is worse… I forgot his name…. Too bad the guy replacing him is even worse… Good new…that monster must go !!. Great! All these chauvinist leaders who subscribe to old school machismo are a risk to world peace.. Next PM more harder than the former. Great. This should open the door for criminal investigations of Netanyahu. Who knows, he might end up sharing a jail cell with Trump and a 300-pounds dude named Bubba.. CNN and stupid predictions… he has all the powers to trash the results. Thats the wink of any eye.. If we hev the wrost person in our socity we call him .israela. Satan loves you mug

Satan loves you mug

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That genocidal maniac won’t leave office that easily.. Israel needs a strong leader.. and maybe now the crook can be brought to long outstaning fraud justice ??. It’s God’s will not human.. As Tony Benn once said, they run election campaigns on whose going to kill more Palestinians then the other!. Few hundred people life loss did not save him?. They will remove a war criminal and replace him with a worse one , #Israel Is full of terrorists. Not true, and even it is, next Natanyahu will be more hard on the terrorists. You think you can use media on the prime minister because you succeeded in manipulating the US election and pulling out Trump…lmao . Thank fu. Kin God.. Get rid off the evil.. Israel deserves better.. He will be back soon, Israel need strong leader, and he is one of the best prime minister of Israel.. The best thing that could happened to Israel ever since the allies librated them from Nazi concentration camp Satan loves you mug

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