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Len CornYou need to git Trump in JAIL be for he doe’s more damage an JR. also .You need to keep him away from CPAC for that is were it will be gain.5 . Ron HarlowWhat a corrupt useless agency. When the honorable agents arrest or blow the whistle on the corrupt they will have support. Instead everyone looks the other way. . Tamara StoryWhat a job you all have to force the ROGUE and CORRUPT out. Silence is to be corrupt. Will not be silenced by corruption or civil wars4 . Anthony GiordanoThe FBI is the least trusted law enforcement agency in America. 27 . Michael OlivarriI’m Fact Checking this post. Unfortunately the FBI lost all of those attributes long ago. At least the FBI helped me start the weekend with a good laugh.2 . Kelly RocksonIn my former province no FBI or policia can arrest anyone without permission from the chief no matter the amount of corruption recorded there so far.1  Science T-cell mug

Science T-cell mug

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I remember coming home from a short trip out of town when this happened. I was driving across the Kosciuski Bridge(?) and as I came around a curve, I saw the towers still standing and tears of joy were rolling down my face. We should have been much … See more. Thank You, to the dedicated men and women of the FBI be safe times are crazy.. I thought there were more than 6 fatalities.. And then in 2001 they came back to finish the job because we didn’t take it seriously enough. Reading through these comments made my eyes roll like a Vegas slot machine. How did some of you get though life??!!?. They are still wondering why Obama wasn’ his office on 9/11.. now with current events I am starting to think there may be more to this then terrorism…our govt has covered up tons of deaths, assassination’s and they don’t have a problem with killing Americans to set themselves up for what they want to achieve…… See more Science T-cell mug

Beautiful Science T-cell mug

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