September 11th never forget flag


Richard Jeffrey. Richard Jeffrey September 11th never forget flag T.ME Join group chat on Telegram. Louis Castro. Rodney Marlow. If Toyota taught us anything it’s that it’s not just about throwing money and people in a F1 team and expect to win, I’m not saying that Aston Martin will make the same mistakes, because the mistakes Toyota made were rooted in the company MO… but Stroll kicking out Perez to maintain his son in the team raises some questions about professional versus personal matters…. What a fantastic job to land. Keep your techs happy and they’ll take you to the top.. “The detail he used to go into in recounting every stage of the race, every stage of the tyre, it was way too much information for us to be even able to digest… Mark [Webber] would take about 15 minutes to do the entire race.” And that’s why Vettel is a 4-time world champion and Webber was just Webber.

September 11th never forget flag

September 11th never forget flag - Picture 1

High praise indeed!. George is good.. we all know it.. but Alonso will not want to have him at Alpine in the slightest possibility also.. This is just a tactic to undermine what the other young guys are doing..Max is far better of the new generation of drivers.. Bottas in trouble. How many points has he scored this year?. I hope you guys are watching this absolutely awesome IndyCar race that is going on right now. You people don’t even know what’s racing is anymore with formula 1. McLaren is winning right now. Alo is totally right. Russell deserves another management. Mercedes is wasting him. Hahaha, I can’t wait for every single driver to be given the same car to compete in the same season, similar to F2. Then we will know who is the one who has talents for racing in F1 and which are those who are just there, well cause they are rich LOL September 11th never forget flag

September 11th never forget flag

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