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Makes his victory even more impressive when you think about it!. He gave a brilliant race good job Checo. Great win, noticed that F1 did not highlight the performances of these guys especially Vettel wherein they were the ones having a day and setting brilliance in the race.Even in Monacco, what a shame.. The plan to make Lewis win has failed . Aren’t Armenians from any country banned from entering Azerbaijan and from participating in the F1 race? Isn’t this racist and a form of apartheid ? Is F1 allowing Armenians to participate in the race or has excluded them like Alyev the dictator has done? Would F1 be held in Nazi Germany if it banned Jews and had a state policy of Armenophobia and ethnic cleansing and denying the 1915 genocide of Armenians and actually many other genocides since the 19th century up to the 21st! It is shameful that educated citizens of the world do not stand up against genocidal dictators Spices all collectives canvas prints

Spices all collectives canvas prints

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Some time luck helps.. Louise Charlotte Astley Spices all collectives canvas prints Makes he win even more meaningful and even more impressive . Rodry Britos. Viswah Viswah Ya…actually they want Max win all the race and using you as a wingman, we can saw it clean and clearly how they handle it with your pitstop…what a dirty tactics… What a race awesome . Fantastic race today. Edge of the seat!. Anju S. Mathur. Well… F***** up ESPN chose to go into sports center instead of continuing the race after the start after the red flag… I can’t stand ESPN I hate that they moved from Fox . A slow start the 2nd time was the only mistake Perez did in the race. He held Hamilton back for almost 80% of the race.. Kyriakos Triantafyllou. That explains why he was not weaving to warm up his tires during the restart. An Bình. John Mesaros. McLaren have some work to do if they are to be at the front again competing… today’s pace was awful

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