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Those players are wrong. Why do they remove those drinks. They should focus on the interview. As if CR7 cares.. Ronaldo is wrong…..let him just speak and go. Super League!. Corrupted UEFA still wonder how Gazprom adds are allover stadiums like sanctions never exist. UEFA:Do what I say not what I do . It’s obvious Sponsorship!!. But why? Spices cooking canvas The players doesn’t have a deal with Coca Cola. UEFA has the deal.. he is only angry he is not getting a cut. They should clear off if I don’t like the smells why wount I clear them. UEFA should issue suspensions not fines, companies pay big money to be “seen” at these tournaments. Maybe at the next one companies should stay away from sponsoring it and see how it plays out without any.. Ronaldo wants to be paid by Coca Cola or what ? He just opened a mega hotel in Madrid with restaurant etc and he wants to me Coca Cola won’t be sold there ?

Spices cooking canvas

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Don’t give press conferences then. Great Job…..totally agreed with UEFA. Ronaldo is a billionaire he doesnt care about fines. These drinks make people sick, they create customers for the big Phama companies. The players are right to remove them. He can have only Pepsi products. What if UEFA wants to advertise a product that you have a conscientious objection to? Will you sit there and lick it?. UEFA is Plain and Simple Everyone’s B/t(h. This is a joke. money money money uefa once more show their true colours . we if a player can not remove the drinks then they can do 4 things one remove them and get a fine two cover them up and three dont give an interview and four bow the head give the interview . suppose there could a fifth public say during the interview dont drink these kind of drinks you see sitting in front of me and point to the drinks there are always loops holes if you look hard enough Spices cooking canvas

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