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Ghana, let your leaders be the first to be vaccinated ,you should take after three months interval.. Tks to Pat o’brien for T-cell activation mug “Nobody is really safe,. We receive the old/ expired vaccines because we don’t have money and testing institutions to verify validity and percentage of cure. Good give the astrazenica one’s that the EU people refuse to have to all the nations that can’t afford them .I’m sure they would be grateful for them. Please the time you people will be delivering those vaccines to kenya make sure you do the vaccination yourself because it will end up in premium tears in hands of our politicians . To any one God is laying in his/her heart to help. I have masters of Public Health Education and First degree on Health Education I live in Abuja, Nigeria. I need connection to get job with any NGO here in Nigeria. Thank you.

T-cell activation mug

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Return to sender. Something really really sinister is going on.. Who cares if they starve to death as long as they are getting vaccinated, right?. The Executives ,National Assembly and Judiciary members should be the first set of people to collect. Good specimens.. 584 covid deaths in Ghana. Seems reasonable to vaccinate 6 times the amount of people who have had covid in Ghana which is 81,000 cases. In fact it makes no sense actually.. Somebody somewhere is just about to become a millionaire in a twinkle of an eye bcoz of these precious commodities.Tumezoea.. Dear Infinite Spirit, please deal with this virus.We’re all one and the same under the sun; connected by the same power, God. T-cell activation mug Labeling some countries as third world is backwardness . We in Africa do not need the vaccines we have a lot of antibiotics to deal with it. Stop impose you things on us .. we can manufacture our own vaccines.. you have come of Age

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