The Golden Girls Thug life shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie


Renate VosOf course… every month a Not good for humanity butttt very convenient for the farmaceutical industry €$£¥!!!!Get lost WHO/BG con suis87 . Dorina RaichelIf who, would really care about us, they would forbid religion. They would tell the truth and not looking for definitions!!30 . James DavisAnd there it is – Some One still capable of intelligent thought – and that leads to – 1 What % of Vaccinated people still get the flu – 2 What % have Adverse Reaction? – These are closely guarded SECRETS that prevent informed CHOICES !!!!!!41 . Bev McIntoshbe weary !! Anything they make out to be too good to be true likely isn’t.65 . Kagraciee Kariuki&**:-:’:’:’ Let there be some kind of order so as to –‘” Deal with priority groups of —‘Health Workers, the Elderly and Schools. —” Life is precious to us all. “22  The Golden Girls Thug life

The Golden Girls Thug life shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie

The Golden Girls Thug life hoodie

Joden Dion TukakiWhy is vaccination not included…?16 . Travolta Christlike PhdNonsense u call yourselves super heroes, using such basic knowledge of hygiene. U call that powerful tool. Tell whoever that created this virus to stop lying to u21 . Letha CaylorStick it I’m not wearing a mask. I am an American. Born and raise in America.40 . Jacqueline ClarkeCan’t wait when this breaks open.45 . Leslie McCrearyIt’s all going to be over March first…15 . Jodhanj HeeramanSuperheroes always work solo!15 . Louise Reed Kosteckeover nothing more serious than a cold or the flu?40 . Joel De GenovaThe only way to defeat this virus is Gender studies, corporate diversity training, anal thermometers, censoring data that doesn’t fit the agenda, and to make more people dependent on their government. In a few short years there will be an entire genera… See more164 . Khan ArifAnd we have stupid WHO that they are doing nothing instead of propaganda 29 . Cody MelcherWe can’t psychical distance forever though 39  The Golden Girls Thug life

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