The hem of his garment poster


Bonnie LeeWhat exactly do diversity agents do? Who decides what’s diverse enough? So they just basically make sure everyone is thinking and acting the way they think one should?? Sounds like some kinda reich… . Marico RodThe new FBD (Federal Bureau of Diversity) 1 . Rusty HughesCheck Hunters laptop.  . John George”The current diversity agent”Play GIFGIPHY . Carl LudwigLol. And people winder why the Woke-B-I can’t solve crimes anymore.4 . Bill HavertyFBI is dirty look what they did to General Flynn3 . Barbera SpitznerThe FBI has Diversity? Pause GIFTenor3 . Elio Garcia HugoNews Anker has ties she gets the coverg before it gets reported Tim Tim fergerson him two she killed his wife that USTO Be the news anker . Steve ShawWhite people need not apply. . Elio Garcia HugoThat lady nacy fergersion has a count there in iresh moberster . Elio Garcia HugoThere is also fergersion company it’s whitys smith iresh mombster . Elio Garcia HugoFity names under withys smith fergersion s  The hem of his garment poster

The hem of his garment poster

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Correct put the heart and soul into you’re work bec. Every victim is worth it.Early solve the problem victim crime . To all f.b.i staff good luck every time move end work The hem of his garment poster . Alway’s god bless every time move end work .. How about the victims you created with a made up investigation to catch dirty cops??? Like “operation rockfish”… No reasonable suspicion or probable cause to even start the investigation….. Thankyou FBI!!!! Justice Matters all day and night. Cult leaders suck. But hey you can follow the cult and do the time.. Yes, they are worth it. it must be said loudly, all the victims deserve justice, and the perpetrators to eternal damnation, I am a victim myself, they tried to kill me three times, they isolated and unlawfully detained me at home for four years because I fell victim to fraud … See more. but..but…IF hunter was a republican, he would ALREADY be charged and in jail. double standard is the “norm” for dems

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