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Rosalba Courtney Oooo,. She is fake activist, running her own hateful agenda by receiving payments. For example: her tweet on toolkit of fake farmer protest. Rosalba Courtney it’s difficult to see an evil’s mind behind her innocenct face.. Dulu Bbsr Appearances r deceptive.. Rosalba Courtney totally agree. Rosalba Courtney how dare you . her fav line… Rosalba Courtney Very nice I praud of you. Rosalba Courtney she is just show off paid by some people to go against someother. Rosalba Courtney She is paid person. She is only money minded. Rosalba Courtney in the name of climate she is doing all the non sense illegal activities. She was supporting Indian rich farmers who use huge quantity of pesticides and fertilizers to increase production of grains which has negative impact on environment and fertility of soil. She don’t deserves to be called environmental activist.. It is criminal that a young inexperienced girl is being used as a mouthpiece to brainwash the young to further a questionable agenda . Especially when her scientist Nobel awarded great grandfather argued that the greater the Co2 levels the better plants grew and the healthier it was for the planet which is now being substantiated by other scientists. Tropical blue skull hawaiian shirt

Tropical blue skull hawaiian shirt

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I hope she knows that producing vaccines is not an act of environmental recycling but the opposite . Tinnitus is not even considered a disease, but it is a major problem that negatively affects the lives of millions of people. A lot of research should be done on this subject. We suffer a lot. We missed the silence. Please help us. Could her parents just keep her in school so she may receive an education from professionals rather that Instagramming teenagers and all forms of social media science.. Greta is great. What a young force that is greatly needed to save our planet. Not sure why so much negativity towards her. As per usual, it seems, young people are ahead of the leaders who think such upstarts should shut up and stay in school. It gives me some hope for the future……. Hoping that those hating on Greta are just keyboard warriors and would not attempt to trample the big hopes and dreams of their own children or other children they know IRL. Kudos to Greta for her boldness. May she one day go on to make the world a better place. Tropical blue skull hawaiian shirt

Tropical blue skull hawaiian shirt

Tropical blue skull hawaiian shirt - Picture 2

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