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We must congratulate those countries who are supplying Covid Vsccine frer to poor countries and see that doubts about its effects may not hamper the vaccination programme which will lead to uncotroable situation. Now lowering the figures of covid victims on purpose they done what they set out to do and reset the economy they do it ever ten years. Look back in history it’s there to see.. Efforts”and “reorganizing” sound nagative ,seeming to involve coercion ,but how fortunate we are beacuse,here too all we have to do is seek out the most comfortable direction and keep going only in that direction .When the law of comfort are violated t… See more. Any truly educated health organization caring about the people would be strongly emphasizing the many ways to build and strengthen the immune system to fight all diseases… instead you promote immune weakening protocols using fear to motivate.. Happiness, those that set out in search of happiness rarely find it. They are truly happy who believe that all that comes from the hand of God is good. They rejoice in all conditions and circumstances of life. Sickness and sorrow, difficulty and dange… See more Trump 2024 return to greatness flag

Trump 2024 return to greatness flag

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Be careful from Korona and Korona virus and keep social distance from others. Nonsense. All this drama are just for a flew kind of simple fewer. . I wonder why the WHO sign is got a Snake.just asking….and waiting for answer s. The WHO what a joke, have they got out of china’s pocket yet. Don’t trust them not after last year’s BS and never will.. Ronan Harrington The parents of four Nigerian children who died of meningitis have become the first winners of a 15-year legal battle against Pfizer over a fiercely controversial drug trial.. How start biowar and find out the root. can someone answer, what happens if every human being is healthy? which industry will collapse?. Tauseef Ahmad Trump 2024 return to greatness flag CMS Ed WHO UNICEF. Remember even the Israel there didn’t believe that God he was in his way, there ware complaing every microsecond and thats y there. are people just lab rats to you? staying locked home like in a cage

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