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Ben Archer Trump America first flag He’s lucky to still be leading the championship. Once lewis extends his lead in the points it’s so difficult to catch him back up. It is racing. Move on.. Lol last couple of seasons Mercedes have “struggled in the early races” and then gone on to win by a country mile. And let’s face it, if Lewis had won today the season would likely be over already. I reckon him missing that corner after the final restart wasn’t an “accident”. Typical. The yanks take over F1 and within a few years it’s WWF.. That’s the spirit Maxie…. This time was nothing but bad luck with the tire…. Don’t worry about it much…. Not your fan but you have more opportunities to do it right… Minutes more like, I bet he felt a lot better after that restart.. Not a big fan of Max but have to admit he is one of the best nowadays

Trump America first flag

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Bartek BucałaHe had amazing pace whole weekend, he deserved this podium1 . Brian QuastHamilton seems to have trouble with passes when he doesn’t have DRS to aid him.1 . Richard HodgsonThe sooner he gets away from RB the better, he has proved now he has so much potential but RB would have to admit they made a mistake and we all know Whinger spice and helmut will never do that.  . Michael RiIt was a super race for everyone. Especially the last 3 laps. Precisely the first corner after the restart.5 . Pablo Henriqueloved the enthusiasm of Pierre’s engineer. this guy is awesome1 . Mark StephenHe’s a driver that I rout for . Top FanHenrik Dupont RasmussenGreat to see he is up there to back up or take over for Verstappen . James StephenGuy needs to step up, mclaren maybe? Him and Lando outperforming in their cars every week. . Cpt Kostas LitsasOne of the best drivers on the grid.Deserves a first class seat.1  Trump America first flag

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