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Mark GomezThat Prancing Horse fought hard. And they are all talented, all these young drivers.2 . Top FanLyndon RamoutarThat was the highlight of the race right there! Three of the brightest stars of the future. 166 . Russell CarterGreat race nice to see Vettel back up on the podium and Hamilton messed up big time on the restart on the last lap 12 . Top FanJam Bustamantebest of friends off track, gloves are off and elbows out on track, some good hard racing, unfortunately it only lasted two laps4 . Adam DuffieldGasly did a brilliant job to finish ahead of Leclerc, deserved the final spot on the podium!38 . Will RadcliffI hope Gasly gets another shot at a big team. Unfortunately I don’t know where it would be right now, but his experience at RedBull was obviously more about how the team is run than about his talent and then it got to his head and killed his confidence. He consistently challenges the top 6 with a lesser car and he has really shown his salt since his demotion.65  Trump won save America flag

Trump won save America flag

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Viswah Viswah Trump won save America flag Better luck next year buddy, you are a future champion but not for this year.. not a fan of red bull but to see them lose like that, absolutely gutted. Thankfully perez drove a solid race and withstood pressure from lulu. Yes man! You will win again. Be calm.. Gabe Whitney. Heather Hill Attaboy!. I remember Schumacher was leading a race easily. The camera was aimed up the straight and he made the right turn at the top of the tv screen. As he exited the frame a white puff of smoke could be seen.. Will someone do a welfare check on Lewis Hamilton . He just got beat by Mazepin of all drivers . P14 Mazepin. Unfortunately sometimes that’s racing, gutted for him but no doubt he will bounce back next race!. Luck is just part of racing. The fastest car/driver does not always win.. Filipe Gonçalves Hamilton fans upstream crying… Pause GIF

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