Trump won save America flag


Debbie ClarkShifting blame is a sign of immaturity. It is most likely learned and carried forward from childhood. “Well, Johnny did it…..”It amazes me how many want to shift the blame rather than accept that laws were broken. Whatever happened somewhere else d… See more27 . Michael GreenbergEach one looks dumber than the last! All the more reason to go after the orange ring-leader and right-wing media shills who brainwashed their minions into believing that the election had actually been stolen. The fact that they would break into the C… See more146 . Greg BarkerThat’s Rick Moranis!!!Play GIFTenor501 . Todd Roberts Find them. Identify them. Charge them. Arrest them. Remove them. Excise all of the decay from within.91 . Rose HaleI wonder why this much energy was not put into identifying all the rioters in the troubles a year ago?15 . Gary R. RebholzLooks like Artie Shaw doing his German soldier schtick on Laugh-In.7  Trump won save America flag

Trump won save America flag

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Meredith Halsey-KellyIs that the guy from Little Shop of Horrors 14 . Lynette ThomasGreat job FBI! Please arrest all the individuals who attempted to overthrow our government. 85 . Jan MassonHe looks like Radar from “MASH”16 . Somers RitchieI was wondering what happened to Rick Moranis’s movie career. I guess he got tired of shrinking kids.8 . Mary Ellen JonesIt’s Arte Johnson from Laugh-In!6 . Michael AdcockI would bet hes not a Patriot!!!!30 . Steve JailletI honestly think this may be Rick moranis but it can’t be because he’s a democrat.Play GIFTenor31 . Milo ChapmanCatch every single traitor. No place in America for those who hate democracy.75 . Jon LohrenzIt’s Dark Helmet! Play GIFTenor20 . Bert HydroThat’s George from Seinfeld 19 . Carla Heinz MackrellI’m surprised they didn’t bring their tiki torches.2 . Judy FeltzHow about you round up the thieves in Washington DC that are stealing our tax dollars and giving it to foreign countries. Then maybe we have info for you!!!!!17  Trump won save America flag

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