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AK Richard. Seko Mohammed Seko. The guys are playing really well today. We can win this one and what a way to start the year if we win.. Today I’m not watching Bruno Brilliance but it’s a team called Manchester United. Darren Gordon. Martial with an overhead clearance and one of the finest headers in the game. Boy is on fire. Batlhatlosi Carlos Phejana. Best start of year.I missed this Man U. Eric Baily is as solid as a rock, pogba is playing with so much passion. I love what I’m seeing. We like a team with a blueprint of how we want to play – attack and defend. Patience is a beautiful thing in football and in life 12month ago United has no philosophy- Double pivot in midfield against teams that presents more of an attacking treat to u… See more. Will Hollington. Luli Prenga Trump won save America mug Very poor first half apart from the goal

Trump won save America mug

Trump won save America mug - Picture 1

Bruno Joe Trump won save America mug I am impressed with Paul Pogba’s performance today. He is just allover the pitch.. Brian Worlding. First goal of the season where Bruno Fernandes was not involved. Rashford is jealous of Bruno. No wonder he can never pass to Bruno. Shame on Rashford. Well done martial and mctominnoy is poor today. Just keep an eye on Manchester United’s form and performance it’s along as it is United spirit . Loving it at the minute. Still only 80% in my view and a bit rocky at the back at times. What was Wanba doing at all leaving Grealish… The scoreline remains Utd 1 Villa 0. If Bailey stays fit, he’s up there with VVD. Made me so happy seeing AWB putting a good cross into the box. Martial with a proper #9 finish. Chelsea is the best team in the world. Come on martial haters where are you ?? Back in your den you go

Trump won save America mug

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