Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt


Jojo EbelThank you Janet yellen I agree with her exactly what she said . She helping people America . Rescue plan child support . I’m so proud Joe Biden president . Joe Biden seriously helping people America . Joe Biden not playing game . Thank you everyon… See more77 . Vin GuidaIt’s the foreign country rescue plan52 . Lena PerfettoPlease biden has all these plans and nothing happens still waiting for my 2nd and 3rd stimulus. Try creating jobs how many did you create so far. None right. You didn’t even go to the border Why afraid the media will follow you. Try speaking to us wit… See more28 . Deborah Wall McGrawThe Rescue Plan has help for manyy categories. The child tax credit is one of a comprehensive plan to get the economy back on track.33 . Marsha New ManeshWhile thousands of unaccompanied minors pour into the country. 60 . John MoonAnd exactly how are these poverty-stricken people who are below the poverty line and therefor never “file taxes”…. suppose to use a tax credit? The real people who are in poverty never make enough to file? YOu do understand that giving a tax credit t… See more17  Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

Linda AndersonGood grief, Biden! President Trump already made massive changes to improve the care and lives of veterans. Why don’t you do something positive that’s original. But first, visit the border and fix that horrific and risky situation.947 . Jannick ErtnerThe country is getting poorer with this rescue plan. 96 . Laura BentleyHow about getting them off the streets? You know, like you’re doing with Illegal immigrants!79 . Jeremy BakerAnother piece of work stolen from Donald Trump with an “American Rescue Plan” label on it.67 . Venoka WoodardOh I see! Since Trump put veterans first and transformed the VA and created the ability to see any doctor at any hospital now Biden who did nothing under Obama wants to jumpIn and try to look good! Hilarious 93 . Beverly PearsonOur veterans deserve all the benefits and rights possible. They put their lives on the line for you and should always be compensated!!!507  Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Cat Bleached T-shirt

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