Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt


Kathleen MabbittWell all them children coming across the border isn’t gonna help the poverty level, America needs to take care of their own51 . Janae GadberryCut child poverty in half? Not sure how a tax credit will do that. If you want to cut poverty then their parents needs to be able to work.30 . Pattie Mantell RothSounds like welfare all over again. Let’s see some senior welfare,11 . Matt DennisonYou cannot pull someone out of poverty by handing them free money. It’s never worked and it never will. 31 . Diane Hixon DelpapaThere has got to be so many people out there now seeing the light – and thinking what the heck did we do putting this into the White House! We cannot get rid of this administration quickly enough – somethings got to give! The hypocrisy is rampant – … See more143 . Emris IsaacAbsolutely awesome. The youths of today ‘are’ the leaders of tomorrow. Its worthwhile26  Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Don't Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

Sandi DanielsBiden puts illegals in Hotels, feeds them & gives them healthcare or plane fair. Yet our veterans are laying on our city streets. 152 . Travis RobinsonYea right. Then why are vets, people on ssi or any other government program or anyone else still waiting on their stimulus checks? Get over it. You’re not helping anything but yourself62 . Chris PetrosinoDidn’t President Trump put that in to effect? Keep riding those coat tails of the former and future president. Plagiarizing Joe…he’s been doing it his whole life80 . Jo Ann ZimmermanGreat to have a president who honors and supports our vets instead of calling them losers and claiming he knows more about defense than the generals.592 . Regina VillafuerteHow about housing but worry about housing for veterans instead of the illegals256 . Sean MichaelHow bout you man the hell up and put our homeless vets in hotels instead of the illegals crossing into the country 52  Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

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Witch Don't Kill My Vibe Bleached T-shirt

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