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Ve Mma. Despite basking in the victory of this night, I hope when I wake up in the morning olé is gone.. The coach must just have a working tactics, he seem to be lucky with everything he tries and end up affecting us in very ordinary games… Ole u have the manchester united spirit around u just learn to improve your tactics and make if show consistently.. Edison Cavani’s Intensity throughout the team would be great and this is not me saying this because of the ball recovery when Ronaldo had given up. The man impressed me with his running every game.. Just rewatched the first 10 minutes of the game and I can say there is a lot Manchester United need to improve on. US navy honor the fallen eagle flag They’re pressing wasn’t aggressive but was still effective I can only imagine what it’ll be like if they turn it up. When building up attacks the wingers are often in areas you’d expect to see the full backs(they drop to deep to no effect as they play back passes) and the team as a whole isn’t wide enough. There was on ball over the top for Pogba to chase and if in that instance that space was occupied by Sancho and Pogba was deeper(where Mctominay was) the defender could’ve played a simple pass to Pogba and he could’ve slid in Sancho thus creating a better goal scoring opportunity.

About product: US navy honor the fallen eagle flag

US navy honor the fallen eagle flag

With these quality players we have, how I wish we have a good tactical manager, this squad is good enough to win the premier league. I told you guys, Shaw’s absence from the champions league would turn out to be a blessing in disguise.. Bring him fulltime in place of bisaka. We won the match at last, though it was not convincing.. Heikal Suhaili US navy honor the fallen eagle flag Well done and congratulations. Ronaldo was lost yesterday, am happy he won us d game but he was very poor. give chance to Van de beck!! what is ole thinking??(his career was be ruining by ole. Our new striking triangle: Lingard (Left), Cavani (Center), Ronaldo (Right). The first letter of their surnames already give us the hints.. Should have get ole sacked but I understand you players deserves to play in the champions league. That’s fine. Thích Đủ Thứ. That strike was so precise and focused. Thank you for that. – Fad

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US navy honor the fallen eagle flag

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