Yorkshire Terrier Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater


Yorkshire Terrier Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

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The Yorkshire Terrier breed–Yorkies for short–originated in, quite obviously, Yorkshire. When England underwent the industrial revolution, people from all different regions migrated to Yorkshire for work (particularly in the coal mines). One such group were the Scottish, and they brought with them a couple variations of the Terrier. It’s said these Terriers were used to hunt rats in the mills. However, these original Terriers are said to be nearly double the size of the Yorkshire Terrier breed we know today, and also more prey-oriented as well.

Yorkshire Terrier Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

In the middle of the 19th century, with all sorts of Terriers being crossbred, one little guy by the name of Huddersfield Ben grew in popularity around the show circuits and was later bred to other Terriers. Yorkshire Terrier Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater. Huddersfield Ben is said to be the father of the modern Yorkshire Terrier.

As the Breed began to shrink in size, they became more like toy dogs rather than utilities for the workers. They were then exported to the US in the late 19th century, where they immediately gained popularity for being posh, proper, and elegant. This rapid rise in popularity contributed to the AKC recognizing the dog before it even had a true presence in the states; this occurred in 1885.

Yorkshire Terrier Temperament & Personality

A Yorkie is a lot of dog in a little body. They suffer from little-dog-syndrome, meaning they think they’re a lot bigger than they really are. A cross between the loving home dog and the sassy Terrier, these little dogs have dynamic personalities. In fact, they vary to the point that they’re one of the few breeds hard to generalize.

Yorkshire Terrier Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

Some have an pompous and arrogant personality, demonstrating aggression towards others and jealousy of their owner. Others have very proud personalities, but are overtly affectionate and want to give love and receive it all the same. Of course, early socialization and puppy classes greatly diminish the chances that they develop a negative personality and temperament, but these dogs really are the pick of the litter.

Yorkshire Terrier Snow Christmas 3D Ugly Sweater

Predominantly possessing outgoing personality traits, the Yorkie is both social and high-energy. They’ll often love to meet others and remain full of ‘life-enthusiasm.’ Or they’ll be grouchy, aggressive, and introverted. A bit of research will prove the point we’re making; the personality of a Yorkie is inconsistent.

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